Pinch: The Wide, Wild World of Clamps

Nipple clamps are all pretty much the same, right? WRONG. While this may have been true at one time, clamps have come quite a long way. Here at Spartacus, we make nipple clamps in all shapes and sizes, to satisfy both the beginner and the experienced kinkster! There are so many options that finding the right clamps for you can often be confusing.

To help our customers navigate the world of clamps, we’ve developed a brand new pressure guide. The clamps are each color coded and numbered 1 (yellow), 2 (orange) or 3 (red), depending on the amount of pressure they apply. Adjustable clamps have multiple numbers, indicating their full range of intensities.

Teaser Tip Clamp (1): This basic non-adjustable clamp is covered with a removable smooth rubber tip and provides soft pressure.

Alligator Tip Clamp (1-2): The Teaser Tip’s big brother, this clamp boasts a similar style- yet larger. Its adjustable tips provide localized pressure.

Tweezer Tip Clamp (1-2): A slender, elegant clamp that will help you get to know your kinky side. It’s easily adjustable to accommdate changing tastes.

Micro Plier Clamp (1-3): Try this clamp for a “heavy hardware” experience. It provides varied amounts of pressure from level one to three.

Broad Tip Clamp (1-3): This clamp covers a broader surface area than the Teaser, Alligator or Tweezer Tip Clamp, and offers a full range of intensities.

Press Clamp (2-3): For evenly distributed pressure, this clamp screws down to lock in exactly where you want it. Like the Micro Plier. gives a “hardware” feel.

Butterfly Clamp (2-3): Our version of the Japanese clover. Both intense and aesthetically pleasing, this clamp features rubber tips that will stay put when pulled.

Brass Barrel Clamp (2-3): This clamp provides heavy pressure and weight for those who enjoy testing their endurance. Tightens when barrel is twisted.

Teeth Tip Clamp (3): For those who like to play rough, this clamp will provide a higher level of intensity. Not for the faint of heart!



Specialized Clamps: 

Clamps aren’t just for nipples anymore! Because they are so pleasurable to attach to other parts of the body, we also offer Y-style models that feature an attached clit clamp, cock ring or vibe. Many clamps also come with metal link chains or glass beaded adornments for aesthetic diversity. If you’re looking to add some weight to your pressure, you can choose from a variety of weights from 2 ounces to 10 ounces. If pulling is your bag, look no further than our Alligator Tip Clamps with attached bully rings.